Ice Skating Pond
Snowbrook in the Summer
Pool building Deck
Tennis courts have a backboard for practice


January 2017

Happy New Year to our Snowbrook Family,

Subject: Winter Update

Your Association and our Village are in good shape. As requested, I will keep updates focused. We had a very successful construction season. We collected $150k for the Reserve Account that funds major projects. We added funds from the Snow Management Account and regular O&M to accomplish major projects for $182k. Our progress in major projects continues to reduce our regular O&M expenses.

We had another well attended Annual Meeting -- If you missed it -- please mark your calendar for Sunday of Columbus Day Homecoming weekend for our 2017 Annual Meeting. Very good owner - Board dialogue. The Board and MVP have reviewed each suggestion and have taken action as indicated below. Hope this helps.

Owner Comment/Suggestion:

Bring Back Condo Tours. Very Popular Activity in the past
Comment Action: Will be included in 2017

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Construct a Croquet Course between pond and Bldg. # 12
Comment Action: Compromise - Croquet Set will be available at pool house for all owners.

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Suggest commenters use cards and not delay meeting with comments.
Comment Action: Board and owners need to hear suggestions. Will provide two mikes for owners to improve effectiveness. Will continue to provide comment cards.

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Owner asked about installing a Heat Pump.
Comment Action: MVP contacted owner and explained the process and reference the Village Guide. Heat Pumps can be installed upon application to and approval by the Board --See Village Guide

Owner Comment/Suggestion: Soffit Bldg. # 1 needs to be cleaned.
Comment Action: Work order Completed

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Replace Pool House Shower Heads.
Comment Action: All locker room shower heads have been inspected. They are low flows and working as designed. Completed

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Food - Smaller muffins would work better.
Comment Action: Will do. Completed

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Bring back the BBQ
Comment Action: Owner preference seems to support current location and agenda. No further action.

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Campus wide Wi-Fi
Comment Action: MVP researched and found current options are not economical. No further action.

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Streetlights. One comment for and two against.
Comment Action: The Board has been working to reduce night sky pollution. Street lights will not be added.

Owner Comment/Suggestion:Increase Reserve for Major Projects in two years to $200,000.
Comment Action: Yearend Reserve for Major Projects is $93k. Suggestion is under review by the Board.

We hope you didn't miss the Wine and Cheese party in the updated Pool House Christmas Week. Maybe 60 owners and friends attended. Several new families have joined our village.

Sincerely yours,

Bob Lee
For the Board


January 20, 2016

Hello All Snowbrook Owners,

As you are aware, there are conflicting desires of you, the owners, concerning sharing your e-mail addresses. A few owners have requested the Association share your e-mails with any owner requesting them. Many owners, about 79% in our opinion survey, have expressed that they would like their e-mail addresses protected. The Board is most sensitive to protecting your privacy to include your phone numbers, e-mail address, etc. The Board is working with fellow Snowbrook owner Chris Neagle who offered a possible solution that would avoid legal expenses. He suggested an approach that would provide an Owner-to-Owner communication link, without sharing anyone's e-mails.

In short, owners would be able to request the Association send an e-mail to all owners. Topics may vary from organizing a large social event - ice skating or Heel Spray - to support for a candidate for a Directorship. The Association would review for abuse, personal attacks, commercial solicitation, or gross false statements. The new draft Rule has been posted on the website here. The Association would forward the e-mail to the ownership. This service is intended to benefit the Association as a WHOLE. Each owner would still be able to opt out of receiving unwanted e-mails using the tools provided. This procedure leaves you the owner in charge. What does that mean? Every e-mail message would contain the required message at the bottom of the page where you may modify your profile and select what e-mail messages you will receive. Bottom Line - you select what you will receive.

Please see this example from a recent email we sent to all owners.

"This email was sent to bobandmarylou@gmail.com | Update Profile/Email Address | Rapid removal with SafeUnsubscribe | About our service provider.

Just select "UpdateProfile/Email Address" and follow the instructions. I made a test run - it is easy and it works.

We, your Directors and fellow owners, hope that we can give this trial a fair shake.

Sincerely yours,

Bob Lee

For your Board of Directors


August 7, 2015

Greetings to all fellow Snowbrook Owners:

As suggested by owners, an update is desired, but keep it short. That is a tough task as we continue to both repair & improve our physical plant while upgrading our fiscal and administrative operations.

We are making very visible strides. Did you know you could see the cracks in our tennis courts from space? True, but future satellite photos will show our newly refurbished courts. Our important amenities are now in great shape: pool was beautifully refinished, two hot tubs replaced along with the tennis court upgrade. To eliminate the potential of a child getting into the pool from an open door to the sun deck, we are installing a cedar enclosure just off the deck with a child proof lock - very similar to what you would find at a resort pool. Please keep the gate locked.

Our lateral roads have taken a beating over the years. Beaver Brook & Trout Brook were resurfaced with approx. 4" of crushed shale then compacted repeatedly with a 6000 lb roller. We also added, from the curb appeal budget, Lupine & Black Eyed Susans in areas that are disturbed by the winter snow storage.

Extensive maintenance and repair is ongoing. To keep this short - we suggest you click here to find the details in the minutes of the Board Meetings. We are pleased that 50% of owners open notice of posting of Board Minutes. Maybe we can increase to 75%?

Budget - Our draft proposed Budget includes a few adjustments in an effort to attack our major remaining issue - residing - head on in 2016. The proposed budget will show an increase in the Reserve Collection, BUT wait, we will absorb that increase by managing the Operations & Maintenance budget to a lower total.

  2014/15 2015/16 Year-to-Year Increase
Total Owner Annual Fees $732,000 $735,000 0.4%

Budget Changes:

  • Increased Major Improvement assessment from $137,000 (2014/15) to $150,000 (2015/16).
  • This increase will be offset by reductions in operating funding.
  • The thinking here is the major improvements have and will reduce on-going annual maintenance expenses.

Just a reminder that the total owner assessments can be broken down in the following components:

  • 45% for direct operating expenses (pool, snow removal, pool operations, regular maintenance);
  • 35% for purchased services (sewer, water, telephone, utilities, insurance, cable, etc.);
  • 20% for major improvement Reserve (up from 17%), to be more in line with industry Major Improvement Reserve funding standards.

Beaver Brook Resurfaced in Shale

What does that mean - The Bottom Line, in spite of the many cost increases and increasing the Reserve Collections - your common dues will only increase less than 1% or for a typical two bedroom unit about $1/month. This is made possible only by the dedicated efforts of MVP and the Directors, plus the superb support from you, the owner.

On the administration side, we have more good news. The Snowbrook Village name and logo is now a Registered U.S. Trade Mark to help protect our Brand from misuse by others.

We are pleased that MVP, in coordination with Snowbrook, will institute the Village Management System, as recommended in the Peer Review. This software will provide greater transparency, convenient access to your account, better two way communications and, we all believe, improved efficiencies.

We published "A Guide to Enjoying Your Village" in 2015. The Guide is intended to be a convenient reference for owners. Without the Guide, one might have to search the State Statutes, various National and local codes, the Sugarloaf Declaration, the Snowbrook Declaration and Bylaws, etc. With the Guide in hand or online an owner or prospective owner can check the index for answers to his or her question. We will include a hard copy of the Guide in the mailing for the Annual Meeting. If you have questions or suggestions on any item in the Guide, feel free to contact MVP or any Director.

And on the Annual Meeting - Please join us as we try a new format, new location and different day of the week.

Sunday 11 October 2015,

At the Touring Center

9 AM Light breakfast items will be served

10 AM until Noon Annual Meeting

Noon until 1:30 PM A Social Hour which provides an opportunity to renew friendships, meet new owners and chat directly with your Board Directors.

The meeting will provide informative updates, insights and important recommendations for owner approval including a proposed Budget for 2015-16 and the Election of a Director.

Watch your USPS mail box for the official mailing with the proposed Budget and Ballot.

"Excellence is Better than Last Year, but not as Good as Next Year"


Bob Lee, President, For the Board, bobandmarylou@gmail.com


February 6, 2014

Greetings to fellow owners,

All is well at Snowbrook Village in spite of the challenging weather. The wind has removed shingles from a couple of large sections of Building 17's roof. Temporary repairs were quickly accomplished; however, we will need to move the re-roofing of Building 17 from 2015 to this summer. Building 12 has the oldest original roof and is also scheduled for re-roofing in 2014. The final summer work program will be approved in April. As a reminder doors, windows and skylights are an owner responsibility. Re-roofing or residing provides a great opportunity for owners to replace windows, doors and skylights. Defective items must be replaced when discovered. Replacement off-cycle may more than double the owner's cost.

Our drainage in the upper area (near the pool building & tennis courts and buildings 16, 17 & 18), and the condition of our tennis courts demand our attention. We have continually postponed the work. In an effort to do it right, we hired a Professional Engineer to evaluate the pool house area, tennis courts and drainage as a system. He has provided an excellent report with several alternatives and his best professional recommendations for the complete system. This extensive and expensive project is necessary to protect our infrastructure and maintain or hopefully enhance the value of your unit. The Association will accomplish all of these major projects within the budget. No Special Assessments.

The Association is updating the Reserve Study. The above Engineer Report will be incorporated into the Long Range Plan. We would like to increase the information on the condition of our many systems: the buildings' envelope, water, sewer, electrical... You the owners, as a group, have knowledge of most of the problems - so why hire an expert to catalog the problems - why not ask the owners. Good idea - the Association will e-mail a brief survey to every owner. Please help us by completing the survey. Your responses will let us know of deficiencies in our systems. For example - that minor leak you have had for years - Report It. Thanks in advance for your help.

Exciting happenings - Big Bonfire by the pond on Saturday 22 March - weather permitting. MVP will provide Hot Spiced Wine for the adults and Hot Chocolate for all, along with Hot Dogs. Come out and meet your fellow owners and their families and guests. Mark your calendar.

All communications from the Association or the Board will include names of the senders and contact information similar to below.

Excellence is Better than Last Year, but not as Good as Next Year.


Your fellow owners -

Bob Lee - President- bobandmarylou@gmail.com Steve Banahan-VP -SBanahan@mooseriverlumber.com

Kay Storch - Secretary - kstorch@maine.edu Dan Hayes -Treasurer -DHayes@unum.com

Chris Brochu - Director -chris@pleasantriverlumber.com Ray Bolek - Director - rdbolek@gmail.com